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The world’s largest manufacturer of pharmacy automation equipment. Yuyama was founded in 1964 in Osaka, Japan. It is a 54 year old company specializing in medical and pharmaceutical automation. It is the largest Pharmacy Automation Company worldwide and is the first company to introduce an automated prescription filling machine to the market. Yuyama started its USA division in 1996 and now has over 2200+ machines in the US market. Yuyama continues to gain market share while those of competitors are declining. Driven by innovation, Yuyama machines prove to be exceptionally reliable, user-friendly, and safe. Also recognized for superior service, Yuyama is a market leader in the evolution of pharmacy automation.



Pharmacy Automation Systems LLC

Pharmacy Automation Systems designs and manufactures innovative and affordable automation systems and was established by QEM, Inc. to fulfill a need in the pharmacy industry. Pharmacists are in short supply and have a great deal of pressure to accomplish all that is expected of them during a daily routine.


We are audited yearly and dedicated to maintaining our ISO 9001:2015 certification for design, manufacturing and assembly of machinery and equipment. It is our desire to improve the quality of life for pharmacy personnel and the customers they serve by automating the process of filling prescriptions.

Knowing that companies have to maintain profitability in making decisions for automation, we have used our years of experience to design equipment that will give you years of service.



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 Yuyama automated pharmaceutical equipment will dramatically improve service and the efficiency of your pharmacy.  As the world’s largest pharmaceutical automation company, Yuyama offers equipment, resources and experience to meet its customer’s needs.

Pharmacy Automation Systems, LLC is pleased to be the USA distributor of choice for the Yuyama line of automated pharmaceutical equipment.




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