Automatic Winder/Spooler

Yuyama provides a fully-automatic winder for reducing time spent on manual pouch organization. The compact winder can organize a large amount of pouch strips from packager devices automatically. Once you attach the edge of the pouch strip into the spooler, the winder will automatically begin operation, promoting efficiency in your workflow.

Automatic Winder / Spooler

Product Features

Connect with our Packagers

for Time Savings

Connect with the Tab-Sight

for Added Patient Safety

Collecting large amounts of pouches takes time. Sometimes, there is a possibility that one of the pouches will be torn off from the strip. To avoid this, connect the Winder with one of our packager solutions from the Proud or Litrea Ⅲ series, allowing users to easily manage large amounts of strips and save time.

Once you set the strip into Verify, the device will automatically inspect each pouch. Even if the packager dispenses medications properly, there is a possibility that contamination might be in the pouch or something has been incorrectly dispensed during manual-fill. But by utilizing the Winder and the Verify, Yuyama can provide you with increased efficiency and safety.

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