Packed-Tablet Verification System,- Litrea lll Tab-Sight

Tab-Sight can efficiently inspect the packed tablets for color, quantity and shape by utilizing data from the packager device. Users can easily check the result for each pouch on the large screen. As an option, Yuyama also provides the marking function for inaccurate pouches. Users can check the marked pouches after verification, making this the best solution for patient safety.


Product Features

Large Screen Visual Check

Pouch Results Verification

Human Error

High quality pictures show the actual contents. Users can check the contents of the each pouches directly from the screen, while touch functionality provides smooth operation.

Users can check all the pouches immediately. Tab-sight shows the number of inaccurate/incorrect pouches and suspicious pouches.

Tab-Sight classifies each pouch with a blue, red or yellow color. Blue indicates the Quantity and the Drugs are correct. Red indicates the Quantity and Drugs are incorrect or that contamination has occurred inside the individual pouch, which indicates that medication similar to the proposed contents was found, but the Tab-Sight was unable to confirm. With the Tab-Sight, these problems will no longer go overlooked.

Caution Marker Unit (Optional)

Journal Check Sheet

Easy Operation

Yuyama offers a helpful function for your task in the form of the Caution Marker Unit. This function is able to make a mark on any pouch deemed inaccurate/incorrect. Users need only check the pouches with marks, increasing patient safety.

The EV-54 has a 12.1 inch movable touch screen with a user friendly interface. The touch screen interface includes features like fill history, status, and statistics. The EV-54 is able to verify each prescription and drug cassette replenishment with the barcode scanner.

Our customer sets the pouch into the entrance gate. The Tab-Sight then takes pictures one by one, and dispenses as seen in the pictures.


TabSight, Packed-Tablet Verification System

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