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Yuyama offers several systems for unit-dose, multi-dose and vial dispensing. Increase productivity at a lower introductory cost.

Yuyama offers an extensive line of Pharmacy Automation systems to improve workflow and speed up dispensing.

Improving medication adherence and patient safety, Yuyama provides the total solution for your pharmacy.

Yuyama Systems Include...

The Semi-Automatic Blister Pack Solution - Blient System


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Fully-Automatic Tablet

Packager - Proud System


Fully-Automatic Vial-Filling

Machine - EV180UC System


Fully-Automatic Tablet

Packager - Litrea Ⅲ System


All About Pas-Yuyama

Litrea III - Pouch Packager

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Yuyama is the largest pharmacy automation company in the world and Pas-Yuyama has the pharmacy dispensing automation that your pharmacy needs. Whether you're looking for equipment for pouch filling (Litrea III, Proud), vial filling (EV-54, EV-180UC), or single dose and multi-dose blister card filling (Blient), Pas-Yuyama has the dispensing automation that you'll need.

Litrea Ⅲ is the perfect solution for small to middle scale pharmacies. Yuyama's fully-automatic pouch filling tablet packager is the newest technological innovation, it's Universal Canister is the solution for increasing brand-to-generic drug changes. Let Litrea Ⅲ help improve your patients' medication compliance.

EV-54 - Vial-Filling Machine

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EV-180UC, Fully-Automatic Vial-Filling Machine

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The EV-54 holds 54 factory calibrated 900cc canisters. This device is very simple and user-friendly.  This system is highly recommended by our customers, capable of filling in excess of 100 prescriptions per hour in a compact 57"W ×12"D × 75"H frame.

The Universal Canister is the solution for generic medication filling. By automating 180 of your fastest-moving oral solid medications, the EV-180UC accurately fills and labels 500+ prescriptions or more per day, or 50% of countable oral solid volume.

Blient, Semi-Automatic Blister Pack Solution

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Proud, Fully-Automatic Tablet Pouch Packager

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Yuyama has finally created a blister pack solution for all blister packs. In U.S.A, single dose and multi-dose blister packs are being produced by many different manufactures.


 The Proud excels above all others in accuracy, quality, safety, and functionality, it also encourages efficiency and reliability to your workflow. The Proud offers a small foot print with it's multi-carousel design, and has 5 configurations depending on your needs.


Why Choose Yuyama?

What We Do

Pharmacy Automation Systems, LLC is pleased to be a USA distributor of the Yuyama line of automated pharmaceutical equipment.  Pharmacy Automation Systems LLC. designs and manufactures it's own line of innovative and affordable automation systems so teaming up with Yuyama was a perfect fit. As the world’s largest pharmaceutical automation company, Yuyama offers the resources, experience and automation systems to improve workflow and to speed up medication dispensing.


Besides it’s world class line of pharmacy automation equipment for Pharmacy, Hospitals and Long Term Care, Yuyama is praised for having some of the best Technical support and on-site service in the market. Yuyama knows how integral automation can be to the daily pharmacy operation and takes great pride in keeping their systems up and running reliably.

The Worlds largest Pharmacy Automation Company

Produces Full and Semi-Automated Equipment

Produces Blister Pack filling Automation

Produces Vial Filling Automation

Single Dose and Multi-Dose Filling Automation

World Class Technical Support and On-Site Service

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We Are...

 Yuyama automated pharmaceutical equipment will dramatically improve service and the efficiency of your pharmacy.  As the world’s largest pharmaceutical automation company, Yuyama offers equipment, resources and experience to meet its customer’s needs.

Pharmacy Automation Systems, LLC is pleased to be the USA distributor of choice for the Yuyama line of automated pharmaceutical equipment.




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